This page lists services that the Sigsum project are hosting.

Log servers

Two test logs are being operated. Public keys and URLs in policy-file format:

log 80d115da542b67bb7a15448f50fe951e59cfa9db73807bfc12a2a4a981ba251e
log 154f49976b59ff09a123675f58cb3e346e0455753c3c3b15d465dcb4f6512b0b

jellyfish is a proof-of-concept log that follows the main branch of the log-go repository. It is intended for testing and development. No rate-limits are enforced. The log may be wiped at any time.

ghost-shrimp is a test log that follows the latest log server releases. Deployment of a log with stronger commitment on availability and documented security practises is coming sometime soon.


Two test witnesses are operated and hooked-up to the proof-of-concept jellyfish log.

Names and public keys in policy-file format:

witness 1c25f8a44c635457e2e391d1efbca7d4c2951a0aef06225a881e46b98962ac6c
witness  28c92a5a3a054d317c86fc2eeb6a7ab2054d6217100d0be67ded5b74323c5806

A production witness that cosigns Sigsum logs as well as other logs will be deployed in the future.